Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Spaghetti and Marshmallow Tower Challenge

Thanks to Bill Ferriter for sharing the idea for this wonderful science challenge here.  I also garnished ideas from this PDF created by the BA.

As part of our team building and creative problem solving efforts, we have done several challenges throughout the year.  This one therefore fit perfectly in with science as we were able to discuss variables, perseverance, and working as a team.

To build the tallest marshmallow and spaghetti tower within 30 minutes.  The tallest tip will be the marshmallow that is furthest off the ground

  • You will create or be assigned a team; 3 people to each team.
  • You will be given 100g of spaghetti and 50 grams of mini marshmallows.
  • You will have 5 minutes to plan your approach.
  • You will have 30 minutes of build time.
  • Spaghetti and marshmallows may be broken but marshmallows may not be made wet.
  • You may not actively seek out other groups to poach ideas but you may spot ideas from your work station.
  • Once time is called a full minute will be waited before teacher measures height.  This is to ensure tower stability.
Learning Goals:
Students will work on
  • Determining variables and controlling them
  • Team work
  • Time management
  • Creative problem solving
  • Engineering for structural strength
  • Perseverance and idea adaptation
Here is a video showing parts of the challenge and the winning design



Queenbeabea said...

Love it. I'm doing this next week with my grade 6 students!

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