Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome to This New Adventure

Numerous times I have been contacted through my other blog, Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension, to share lesson plans that I have blogged about.  Well, ask and you shall receive!  I am excited to unveil this blog, which will feature lesson plans, videos, student feedback and all great things 4th grade.

I hope that this will be a place for others to share as well, and not just for 4th grade, but for many grade levels.  We work so hard on our lessons that it seems a shame to not share them with others, I know I get inspired by many people, so hopefully I can repay them through this.

Join me as I start on another adventure.


cheryl lynn said...

This is exciting! I have been really enjoying your blog for a while now, so I know I have a lot to look forward to on this blog as well!

Thanks for your willingness to share. In this day and age - it is such a travesty to hide gems in our filing cabinets (or more likely on our computers) and promote an individualism that really has no place in our profession.

Sometimes, people are scared of "not getting it right" or fearful of the comments or criticism of others that they hide away, sharing nothing and remaining stagnant. In doing so, they never grow themselves and never benefit from the joys of collaboration. So, I say THANK YOU for sharing, thank you for taking that chance and by doing so... encouraging others to do so. All the best!

Mrs Ripp aka 4thGrdTeach said...

Hi Cheryl,
Thank you so much for the praise. I am always more than happy to share and I hope others will share along with me as well. It would be great to create a space where we could bounce ideas off each other or post back tweaks that we made to lessons shared. This site also allows me an electronic backup of some of my lessons, which is also very nice.

As teachers we must not be afraid to put ourselves out here. Of course, there are better ways to do things, which is why I am sharing. I cannot wait to learn along with you.

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