Friday, January 21, 2011

A Child Argues Against Sledding

I had to teach persuasive writing this week for a mandatory writing assessment so since we had gone sledding this week, I asked my students to try to persuade me to let them go again.  One child, Erik, decided to go another route; I love it when they get creative.

Dear Mrs. Ripp,
I think you shouldn't let us go sledding.  First because it's dangerous.  You crash multiple times every time you go down the hill.  Also, people might flip over in their sleds.  Lastly, (for this reason) kids might try to go down the hill on their feet.

Second, it might get us in trouble because we aren't allowed to sled in the big hill.  The teachers might yell at us to be quiet.  Also, you have to go up the wrong side and could get hit.

Third, it will make other kids jealous.  They might bring their own sleds from home because we did it.  They might also try and stop us from going down and that might get people get hurt.  Kids might throw snowballs at us to stop us sledding.

That is why we shouldn't go sledding again.
Your friend,

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