Monday, January 10, 2011

An Author is Studied

In my quest to continue book explorations, I wanted to make sure that students became experts on at least one author.  While I like the aspect of a book report in how it opens up new author and genre opportunities for the kids, I am not a fan of the way I have used book reports in the past.  So I wanted my students to do an author study instead.

I opened this up for discussion today so that the students could share their input and they came up with the following requirements for how to become an expert on a particular author:
  • Pick a good author, can be someone yo have read before.
  • You should figure out the type of author and their particular writing style.
  • You should read and remember a biography of the author.
  • We should skip Rick Riordan, since so many students wanted to do him.
  • If you choose an author of picture books, you must read 7-10 picture books.
  • If you choose an author of chapter books, you must read 2-3 books or more.
  • You may work by yourself or with a partner.
  • If you work with a partner, you should both read the same books and discuss them.
  • We will have 6 weeks to do this project.
 We also discussed how the students would prove that they had indeed become an expert on.  The student ideas were:
  • Do a report
  • Some type of poster
  • 2-3 glogs
  • A book
  • ABC book
  • Film an interview
  • Create a documentary about the author
  • Skype in pretending to be the author
  • Skit/sketch about important part of the author's life
  • Timeline with books and biography
  • Dress up and pretend you are the author
I now have a master list of who the students are researching, we have gotten books from the library and the students are giving me a thumbs up as for the excitement about the project.  Time in class will be given to read and research but students must manage their time appropriately for our deadline of February 21st. 

I will be creating a biography sheet for those students that need it, and the rest have been instructed to use their reading notebooks to gather all of their information.  I cannot wait to share more resources and their projects!

Here is a student's take on what it means to do an author study.


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